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summary of past efforts...

February 2005
February 13th 2005 - The QFWS wrote to the RSPCA asking when they may expect a reply from the RSPCA with regard to obtaining their support in the fight for the legalisation of pet ferrets in Qld and in stopping the unnecessary murder of innocent pet ferrets.

January 2005
January 22nd 2005 - RSPCA State Council meeting - The QFWS hope for a favourable reply from the RSPCA with regard to obtaining their support in the fight for the legalisation of pet ferrets in Qld and in stopping the unnecessary murder of innocent pet ferrets.

January 20th 2005 - NRME replied to letter sent in October 2004 - see wild ferrets page to view response.

Sunday 16 January 2005 - Sunday Mail gives QFWS Vice President, Graham Lutton's perspective on ferrets - see media coverage page.

A number of newspaper articles have been printed recently, which the QFWS believe to very bias and contain some incorrect facts, correspondence has been entered into with the newspapers in hope the QFWS will get a ‘fair go’ in the newspapers in future and the correct facts will be printed.

December 2004
The petition was lodged requesting the government to amend the Land Protection (Pest & Stock Route Management) Act to allow ferrets to be kept in Queensland as pets.

The response is able to be viewed at the Petition website,
Queensland Parliament Petitions web site,
once at the site just click on the responded date 21/12/2004

November 2004
The QFWS met with members of the RSPCA to discuss the QFWS and situation of ferrets in Qld. The RSPCA had a meeting on Saturday 27th November and they were discussing the position of the QFWS and whether they could support the QFWS.

October 2004
Letter sent to Dept NRME
The Queensland pest animal strategy 2002 -2006 states pest animals can have an environmental, economic and social impact on the community and the Pest strategies information sheet PP60 September 2003 states the following:

Pest animals
These are primarily exotic, introduced animals that damage the environment, and hinder agriculture and community activities. Pest animals include:

Feral animals- such as pigs, wild dogs,
rabbits, foxes, and feral goats, ferrets and locusts.

The QFWS wrote to the Dept NRME and asked if they would provide references that prove how ferrets have or would
be able to:

1. Damage the environment within Queensland
2. Hinder agriculture within Queensland
3. Hinder community activities within Queensland.

The QFWS also asked why facts relating to other Countries, such as New Zealand and the British Isles, that are vastly different to Australia, are quoted, as the reason ferrets are illegal as pets in Qld. When the neighbouring states of NSW and South Australia, where ferrets, are legally able to be kept as pets and are not a problem/pest could have been consulted and asked the question. “Are ferrets a problem within your State?”
To view the letter sent to the NRME and the reply received visit our wild ferrets? webpage.

The Queensland Pest Animal Strategy 2002-2006 claims a number of organisations and individuals significant contributions to the development of the Strategy. To view the letter sent to the contributors of the strategy and the replies received visit our wild ferrets? webpage.

August 2004
The World Ferret Union has asked if we would like to write an article about the QFWS, the situation for ferrets in Queensland and our struggle concerning legalisation. The International Ferret Newsletter is spread worldwide so the article will reach many people and many ferret organisations.

Contacted has been made with National Ferret Welfare Society in the UK they wrote:

“I and the National Ferret Welfare Society of UK will do our upmost to support you. In the UK we do not have a problem with feral ferrets as they do not fair well in the wild. The process of domestication has reduced most of their ability to survive”.

The NFWS is also accessing information on the supposed “feral ferrets’ in UK, and ferrets interbreeding with polecats and Dr June McNicholas (NFWS Publicity Officer) is in the process of compiling articles she has written on domestic ferrets as pets and their uses as Therapy Animals.

May 2004
We are collecting names and address on our paper petition and Barbara, our President has been out and about rallying for our cause and has travelled from Gold Coast to Harvey Bay and out to Toowoomba putting posters and petition papers in pet shops and Vets and any where else that is prepared to take them.

Advertisements have been placed in local newspapers advising readers of the e petition

Flyers promoting our cause have been and will continue to be handed out to members of the general public at various times and locations.

Letters/emails and verbal communication has been made with Government Departments, local Councils, the RSPCA, PIJAC, various animal welfare organisations, pet shops, and a number of other organisations and individuals regarding ferrets in Qld.

We have made contact with other Ferret Welfare Societies and Associations within Australia and overseas advising them of our existence.

We are also busy researching information and obtaining support for the QFWS.