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Do you have a ferret story you wish to share with us, or photos of you furry friend?

To have your story or photos included in our newsletter, just email mail@queenslandferrets.org.au or post them to QFWS, PO Box 324, Narangba, QLD 4504.

If you wish to remain anonymous, just supply your ferret's name/s.

A story on my experiences with Ferrets and other animals:

Easier to handle than a dog, more attentive than a cat and as playful as a kitten for all their lives! That’s how I would describe the ferrets I’ve had the privilege to meet through out my years. I grew up in a house with two dogs and a various number of cats, but no ferrets. When I was young I didn’t even know what one was until I saw “The Beast master” and then it all became so clear; I wanted a ferret! But I couldn’t get one in kennels, no, they are an exotic pet. You don’t find them unwanted and a local kennel or see them wandering the streets! Until years later, when I became a groomer for my local pet store. One day a woman not able to keep her three lovely ferrets brought them to our doorstep. I kept the Albino ferret and named him Quinn and the other two went with other people who worked for Petsmart. I decided a few months after that to get another ferret to keep Quinn company and I ended up with two, Joe and Cinnamon. They got along famously as well as getting along with the numerous cats and two dogs. They loved raisins and would crawl up into dresser draws when they were sleepy. Quinn was such a wonderful albino ferret that one year I took him to a summer camp I worked at and all the kids got to play with him during they’re daily romp around the camp.

Then I traveled around the world and ended up in Queensland were, to much of my dismay, when I called pet stores to see if they had ferrets for sale I found out they were illegal to be kept as pets?! What! But they are so playful and cuddly. You can teach them to walk on a harness and to use the litter box. They are smaller than a dog and a cat, don’t eat as much and don’t go out at night stalking the local wildlife. They, well, mine were caged, a big cage that was 1.5 meters high with 3 levels. It was a little ferret condo! They need approximately two hours a day out of the cage for a really good play time and if their litter is cleaned daily you won’t even smell them. They make wonderful pets for those who live in an apartment as Ferrets need only a small amount of space, too much space and there bound to get lost. They make no noise and besides maybe ripping up a little bit of carpet (which can be easily fixed with a piece on linoleum) do no damage to a rental property.
They always make you laugh with their funny, playful clumsiness. They get so excited they forget they are right next to the end of the bed and they just fall off! They are easy to bathe and when they are wet in the tub they remind me of their bigger cousin the otter with their hair slicked back and all wet. Their curious nature always gets them into trouble around the house but makes for entertaining hijinkes. Just open a door to a forbidden room or place your purse on the floor and watch out! They will be in the purse or bag or room and if they find something small enough to pick up they stash it away along with the other items they are saving for later. I lost my lip balm for a few months before I found it under the washing machine! Both my dog and my ferret found it to be a very edible snack to steal.

In my lifetime surrounded with animals I have found that love and consistency in training are the two fundamentals with any animal. The more you spend with your animal the more enjoyable they will be for you and your family! I have spent the most rewarding hours of my life training my dog, my cat and my ferrets to be good pets to each other and to me. Isabella, my ferret comes when I call her, she follows me around the house and uses her litter tray. My dog will sit and stay while I go and hide and when I call her she smells me out of my hiding places. My cat, Marlon lets me pose him under my dog paw as there are laying on the couch so I take photos of the too hanging around! I have this relationship because I chose to take the time with them when they were little so they were able to co habituate and be well-rounded animals that I enjoy.

Christina Guzzo