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about the network...

If you have lost or found a ferret in Queensland, or would like to surrender (or adopt if you live interstate), please contact the Queensland Ferret Rescue Network.

What is it?

A central contact point for lost, found, surrendered and relocated ferrets in Queensland.

All details are kept in one central database, and are kept confidential.

Shona Whaite is currently the Network Coordinator.

Phone 0428 7466 20
Email rescue@queenslandferrets.org.au

How does it work?

Calls or emails come in to the Network Coordinator, who records the details and contacts others in the network to coordinate care or transport (if necessary).

If you have lost a ferret let us know in case he/she is found and reported to us.

We can arrange collection of found ferrets.

If you can no longer care for your ferret, call us to surrender him/her. We can then arrange for the ferret to be rehomed.

If you need a ferret relocated from Queensland, call us to arrange it.

We have arrangements with several interstate ferret societies to take ferrets in, either for temporary care or permanent rehoming.

Join our Ferret Rescue Network

If you can help us with transportation or temporary care, please contact us to be added to the Network. You don't need to be able to help out everytime - just whenever you are available.