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The founding member of the QFWS, Barbara, lives on a small island in Moreton Bay just off the coast of Brisbane.
Barbara moved there from interstate two years ago with her beloved pet ferrets, Nicky, Ricky & Bundy. At the time she was unaware ferrets were illegal to keep as pets in Qld, until she took them to her local vet for their yearly vaccinations.
Being a loving and responsible pet owner, and not prepared to abandon Nicky, Ricky & Bundy, Barbara kept them hidden.
Unfortunately accidents happen and recently Nicky & Ricky wandered off. Nicky was found by Barbara, but unfortunately Ricky was not, and was captured and taken to Redland Shire Pound, where she was kept until she was killed. Ricky could easily have been relocated to NSW, the nearest ferret-friendly State, however that was not to be.

Still having Nicky and Bundy in Qld, Barbara knew she had to move quickly and relocate them to a safe house, so she took them over the boarder into NSW to live with Graham, where they remain to this day.

So incensed by the killing of her beloved Ricky, and having to relocate her two remaining beloved pets to NSW, Barbara together with Graham, decide to establish the Queensland Ferret Welfare Society, to try and stop the injustice of killing perfectly healthy pet ferrets and to petition the Queensland Government to amend the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act to allow ferrets to be kept in Queensland as pets.

Ricky is not the only ferret to be killed by Queensland authorities in recent times; a ferret was found in a laundry of a home in Charleville, Qld, and although authorities were approached by the NSW Ferret Society who offered to relocate it, once again the ferret was destroyed. Further information on ferrets killed unnecessarily visit our victims of injustice page.

In memory of Ricky.