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Non-profit clubs such as ours usually rely on members for support and vital funds to keep them running.

Membership is $20 per 4 issues of newsletter (approximately 1 year).

Our newsletter "Banana Bandits" is sent out quarterly and contains local news, ferret care information and ferret stories & photos.

Please support the club today!

Many of our potential members are understandably cautious about giving out their contact details, so we have come up with several options which allow people to join and show their support for our organisation, while protecting their identity.

Our membership form can be found in the resources area, or alternatively phone or write to us to have a copy posted to you.

NAME options
1) provide your first and last name if you would like to
2) provide just your first name
3) use a friend or relative’s name

ADDRESS options
1) provide your address
2) get a PO Box
3) provide a friend or relative’s address
4) leave blank (please note that a membership card cannot be supplied if this option is used, and newsletters will be sent by email not post)

PHONE options
1) provide your phone number (home, mobile, or both)
2) provide a friend or relative’s phone number who can pass messages on to you
3) leave blank

EMAIL options
1) provide your normal email address
2) provide a friend or relative’s email address who can forward emails onto you
3) use a free web email account such as hotmail or yahoo
4) leave blank (if this option is used, newsletter will be sent by post provided an address has been supplied)