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Firstly, we do not recommend you own a ferret if you live in Queensland!

It is against the law and the penalty can include a $60,000 fine for the owner and euthanasia of the seized ferret.

Thinking of moving to Queensland with a ferret?

* Please reconsider and think about rehoming the ferret locally (or contact your local ferret society to help).

* Is moving to Tweed Heads an option? As Tweed Heads (Gold Coast area) lies on the NSW side of the border, ferrets are able to be kept legally there. We also have several good ferret vets in the area.

Already live in Queensland and thinking about getting a ferret?

* Please reconsider and think about another (legal) pet.

* If you do end up ignoring the law and getting a ferret, please be prepared for a high-maintenance pet. You will need to be prepared to:

- double ferret-proof their living area,
- keep the identity of your pet secret from your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours,
- possibly drive some distance to find a knowledgeable and willing vet

Also on the (small) chance that the ferret escapes and is handed into the government, you risk euthanasia of the ferret and a $60,000 fine for you (although to be fair we have not heard of anyone receiving the fine even when caught with a ferret).

Having said all that...

We are aware that there are quite likely thousands of pet ferrets already living in many areas of Queensland. These ferrets should not suffer from lack of adequate care because of their location, so our aims include

* supporting owners,
* providing the latest information about ferret health, as well as
* linking owners with willing & capable vets.

Please contact us anytime for support. We do wish to fully inform people about the risks involved with owning a ferret in Queensland, but if you are a ferret owner we are here to help not hinder!