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Dexter was relocated from Cairns to Perth in 2003. Following are some excerpts from email correspondance sent by his owner.

16 Oct 2003
"Please Help!!
I moved here to Cairns 2 yrs ago from Victoria with my best pal Dexter. At the time I was unaware of their arcane ruling on the prior mentioned, he was three at the time I moved here from Melbourne, I moved up here & bought a house in a nice neighbourhood. I've kept Dexter
under wraps so far but recently some really nasty people have moved in next door to me (ironically from Melbourne). I fear for Dex's safety now as they know I own a ferret & feel sure they will dob me in to the authorities up here.
He's a lovely wee bloke, neutered, friendly, not bitey, v. clever, playful & loves to snuggle.
An article in the Cairns Post last week threatened ferret owners with a $60,000 fine.
I'm more than a little worried. I love Dexter & am looking for a great home for him, in a more ferret friendly environment.
Can you PLEASE help?"

16 Oct 2003
"I just got him up for his dinner & midnight inspection of the house & it's starting to kick in that he'll be gone soon.

I'm sending his harness & a couple of his fave toys and his claw trimmers (which he hates, needless to say), and his brush (for after a shower).

I'm going to miss my little dude."

17 Oct 2003
"His vet records are in Melbourne I'll arrange for them to be faxed to you if you can give me a fax number. He hasn't been to a vet here in the Police State.
Thanks for the reassuring words

P.S. Yes he has been an only ferret all his life, he thinks I'm a great big ferret & follows me around wherever I go."

21 Oct 2003
"I haven't been able to do anything re. booking a flight for Dex - every time I look at him I have to confess it brings me to tears.

How does this sound? Could I rely on you as an escape route for Dex if the worst comes to the worst?"

21 Oct 2003
"I'm sure it's for the best - I'll send the flight details as soon as I have them.

It's not easy sending your wee fuzzy into the unknown!! I'm sure you guys'll look after him."

22 Oct 2003
"I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment.

I'm thinking now it'd be a selfless act on my part to send him over there to you."

22 Oct 2003
"Thanks again, It's so nice to have some support and reassuring words from a ferret friendly person."

24 Oct 2003
"Please promise me that you'll take care of him."

25 Oct 2003
"Thank you so much!
It was so good to hear that Dex arrived safely and is settling in so well and in such capable hands...

I was bawling like a baby this morning just before he left, but I'm now both sad & relieved.

I am in your debt."

26 Oct 2003
"I know it's for the best although I will miss his wee face."

26 Oct 2003
"I hope you don't mind all these emails; I kind of feel like a big part of my life has suddenly gone, please don't
feel like you have to reply to all of them - it's more like I'm sending them to Dex I guess - maybe you could give him translation of them for me - in wee fuzzy language (cuddles & such), when you see him next."

17 Nov 2003
"I miss him like crazy, the little man.
It probably sounds a bit weird but I still haven't moved his plate & water dish & there's still wee bits of Dexter poop in the corner..."

16 Jan 2004
"They brought a cute wee fuzzy on to the Conan O'brien set and got Ben to sing him a song of apology on the air - it was really cool!

But it made me wish Dex was here with me to watch it too - snif"